Genty Akylone: independent French automakers introduce inaugural supercar

Small, Vichy, France-based automaker Genty has entered the race in the high-speed world of boutique auto-manufacturing with its inaugural super-car, the Akylone.

With the car remaining in development for over 4 years, the small independent automaker’s goal of creating a high performance vehicle that returned to the principles of driving pleasure, namely a high-powered and low-weight vehicle resulted in the birth of the Akylone.

Under the hood, the Akylone features a rear wheel drive transmission with a sequential seven-speed gearbox. The twin turbo V8 is capable of top speeds of 220 mph and the raw horsepower on the independent French automakers introductory supercar measures in at an impressive 1000 bhp, affording the Akylone an impressive sprint speed of 0-62 in 2.7 seconds.

Unfortunately only fifteen Akylone’s will be made available to purchase with no firm pricing available yet, which comes as no surprise given the small stature of Genty.