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Glimpse inside the minds and peek behind the walls of supercar maker McLaren on its new website

McLaren home

Want to get inside behind the walls and inside the minds at McLaren? Well now’s your chance, as this week marks the launch of the new global brand website for McLaren Automotive. To publicize the site, McLaren has released a video giving a brief glimpse inside the inner workings of McLaren, including never-before-seen videos and pictures.

“We are confident that our new global website mirrors the standards of excellence we aim to achieve across all areas of our business, said McLaren Automotive Sales and Marketing Director Greg Levine in a prepared statement. “We have created an exciting new platform that will sit at the head of all digital initiatives to ensure that we offer an unrivalled digital journey to our customers, prospects and fans alike that will not only tell the McLaren story but also support our ambitious sales and brand development targets.”

McLaren M6GT

We clicked through the site a bit and found a page on the McLaren M6GT (above), which is one of our favorite cars of all time. Though it was short-lived, the story surrounding the sleek beauty sends it to the top of our list.

Originally built as a Group 4 GT car, the M6GT program was scrapped after McLaren didn’t meet the series production specs, not having produced at least 50 examples. Not deterred by this setback, Bruce McLaren instead registered the car and drove it as his daily driver.

Imagine a well-dressed British businessman like Bruce McLaren arriving at meetings in a car capable of 0-100 mph in eight seconds – in 1967. Though it was fast, it was also a bit crude. The headlights, for example, were manually operated. When it got a bit foggy out, Bruce would have to pull to the side of the road and lift the lights out of the nose of the car. Then pop back in and re-join the roadway.

It’s glimpses like that into the history of McLaren that we absolutely adore and the new McLaren automotive site is full of them. So go take a peek around and here’s a short preview video from McLaren:

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