Good news, Euro drivers! Honda’s new ‘App Center’ brings content from the cloud to your car

Honda Android Head Unit
Cloud-based content is coming to Honda vehicles next year, but only to those across the pond.

Finnish tech company Ixonos has just announced the creation of Honda’s ‘App Center,’ a digital content dealer coming to European Hondas in 2015.

“The new Android head unit enables Honda to secure its position as the forerunner in [In-Vehicle Infotainment] technology,” says Ixonos Head of Media Roope Suomalainen. “We are proud to be able to set the scene for the development of future-proof digital services for cars. Our solution enables Honda users to always have the latest software solutions and innovations in their vehicles.”

The App Center, which allows drivers to purchase applications on the fly, is based on Ixonos’ digital service distributor called the Ixonos Experience Store. We think ‘Honda App Center’ has a nicer ring to it.

“We’re delivering the content store together with a safe e-payment solution, operated by PayPal,” continues Tony Grubb, Business Development Director at Ixonos. “This enables not just hassle-free app purchases, but in the future drivers can also take care of parking fees and road toll very conveniently.”

Only programs that meet certain “non-distraction guidelines” will be permitted, however.

The App Center will be a standard feature on all 2015 European models with the Honda’s Android-based head unit, and will be translated into 26 different languages.

In combination with Apple’s CarPlay, which will be coming to Honda vehicles soon, we’re rapidly approaching a future with nigh fully functioning computers in our cars … if the Android and Apple technologies get along, that is.

As more and more companies develop apps for Honda’s in-car store, drivers will enjoy a higher level of commuting convenience. With apps that organize carpools, find parking spaces, and monitor traffic in real time currently available in different formats, the possibilities are endless.


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