This rendering of a Honda Civic Tourer Type R blends cargo volume with crazy

Is there a Nurburgring lap record for family cars? If not, there should be, and we’ve got the perfect (albeit imagined) car to give it a shot.

The Honda Civic Type R is fresh off its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and the 305-horsepower turbocharged hatchback is already the fastest front-wheel drive production car to lap the famed ‘Ring.

A new rendering, posted by Carscoops, depicts a theoretical Civic Tourer Type R, because why the hell not?

Like the Type R, the digital sketch features an aggressive front end, gloss black wheels, and a prominent rear spoiler. Like the Euro-only Tourer though, there’s 1,668 liters of cargo space with the seats down, which is plenty of room for roll cages and groceries alike.

To be clear, this car has next to no chance of ever being made or seeing U.S. shores. The first reason is that the Civic Type R itself is not scheduled to be offered at all in America at this time. Furthermore, neither the hatchback nor wagon body style are available here, and finally, well, just look at it. Like many estates, it has a unique charm, but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘build me!’

But if it is made, it could set the Nurburgring lap record for FWD production cars … with a bunch of crap in the back. That’s probably worth the price of admission alone.

As for the regular Type R, its time of 7:50:63 is indeed the quickest lap of the ‘Ring with power going to the front wheels alone. Before we turn our attention to hopped-up wagons, let’s focus on getting it (or at least its powertrain) stateside.