Look Ma, no hands! Hyundai shows off safety systems with driverless stunt

2015 Hyundai Genesis "Empty Car Convoy"
Autonomous cars could change the way we drive (or rather, don’t), but what affect will they have on car-based stunts?

Hyundai decided to organize this unusual demonstration of the 2015 Genesis’ Advanced Smart Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist, which can essentially provide autonomous operation for short periods of time.

That became apparent when all but one of the drivers in the “Empty Car Convoy” bailed out of their vehicles, leaving them to robotically follow the lead Genesis. Then that car’s driver put on a blindfold, and  crossed his arms.

The sight of a single of file line of cars cursing along with no one in them, their steering wheels occasionally twitching to keep them centered in the lane, is decidedly eerie. Of course, no cars get out of control, proving Hyundai’s engineers know what they’re doing.

It also shows that, in a sense, self-driving cars are already here. And they’re a lot less conspicuous than Google’s little pod.

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