Blood Type Racing turns the Hyundai Veloster into a 500-hp beast in time for SEMA

Blood Type Racing Hyundai Veloster R-Spec sketch
Chicago-based tuner Blood Type Racing will introduce a heavily-modified Hyundai Veloster Turbo during the SEMA show that will take place next month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Called Veloster Turbo R-Spec, the hatchback is powered by an evolution of the stock Veloster Turbo’s 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that has been thoroughly rebuilt with new cylinder sleeves, custom connecting rods and pistons, as well as a high-boost turbocharger manufactured by Garrett. Coupled with a re-mapped ECU and a three-inch exhaust pipe, the modifications boost the four’s output from 201 to over 500 horsepower.

To cope with the extra power, the R-Spec is fitted with a comprehensive list of brake and suspension upgrades. As a result, it sits a lot lower — and it presumably rides a lot stiffer — than its regular-production counterpart.

The Turbo R-spec is no wolf in sheep’s clothing – it’s a wolf in wolf’s clothing. Blood Type Racing has installed a wide body kit crafted entirely out of carbon fiber, a new grille, blacked-out headlights and wide-19-inch alloy wheels with red spokes. A carbon black paint job with red accents completes the sinister look.

Pictures of the interior won’t be published until the start of the SEMA show, but Blood Type Racing promises the Veloster Turbo R-Spec is ready to hit the track thanks to add-ons like a four-point roll cage, a boost gauge, and racing seats with four-point harnesses. The rear bench has been tossed out in order to save weight.

Hyundai fans will have a lot to check out at SEMA this year. In addition to the Veloster detailed above, tuners have teamed up with the South Korean automaker to build a Genesis Coupe with 500 hp on tap and a custom-built Tucson crossover that packs over 700 hp. Stay tuned, as Hyundai could have a few more surprises in store.

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