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Infiniti gives first glimpse at the Q50 Eau Rouge concept performance sedan. Surprise, it’s red

infiniti gives first glimpse q50 eau rouge concept performance sedan surprise red
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Early last month, Infiniti teased the concept car it’ll be bringing to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. It’s called the Q50 Eau Rouge. And, despite its stupid name, it is shaping up to be a pretty impressive car.

What you see above is the first full image of the thing that we’ve seen yet. Although it resembles the Q50 sedan on which it’s based, the body has been re-sculpted for aerodynamics and formed entirely out of carbon fiber. In total, it’s lower and wider than the standard Q50, not to mention lighter.

The Eau Rouge was designed in collaboration with Infiniti’s Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team and features 21-inch forged alloy wheels and a dual-exit exhaust sports system that juts out beneath the large integrated rear spoiler.

Infiniti is quick to point out that that rear aerodynamic tweaks draw inspiration from the RB9 F1 car. And I am sure it does, just like how the Epcot Center draws inspiration from European countries.

So will Infiniti build the Eau Rouge? If it wants to compete with the all-new BMW M3 it will. Right now, though, the Germans have the keys to the performance sedan castle.

If you’re keen to know more about the Q50 Eau Rouge, you’ll need to check back when the North American Auto Show kicks into full gear in a week and a half. We’ll be on the show floor so be sure to check back for more.

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