Infiniti to launch new hybrid halo vehicle based on Emerge-E and Essence concept, hope to lure in ‘little emperors’

Infiniti Emerge-E Concept Infiniti is apparently charging up to launch a halo hybrid vehicle to draw more high-tech buyers to the brand.

According to Auto Car, the Japanese-based automaker plans to debut a sports car in the next three years based on the hybrid technology explored with the Emerg-E (pictured) and Essence concepts.

The UK-based auto source reports that the audience for the premium car will likely be customers in their late ’20s with one child who have a strong interest in the environment.

Auto Car also reports that the sports car will likely be designed to appeal heavily to Asians as well, an emerging market segment that Nissan and Infiniti have been exploring with several concepts.

“These customers are widely referred to as ‘little emperors’ —people who are used to getting what they want,” said Infiniti brand boss Andy Palmer, as reported by Auto Car. 

Palmer indicated that the Infiniti vehicle would be “like the Tesla sports car option, but with more flexibility in terms of range,” reports Auto Car.

The Emerge-E features a 1.2-liter gasoline engine and two electric motors with a combined power output of 402bhp.

The Essence’s hybrid is equipped with a 3.7-liter V6 paired with an electric motor that can produce a total of up to 592bhp.

Although Palmer ruled out the idea of using the GTR as a model for the new Infiniti sports car considering its targeted audience, the Nissan supercar definitely serves as a great example of the potential of a high-performance hybrid under the carmaker’s luxury badge.

If positioned right, an Infiniti with the kind of technology featured in the Emerge-E and Essence concepts could wind up having a huge cult following of its own.