Planning a bank heist? This armored Mercedes G63 will survive a shoot out in style

There are a lot of Mercedes G63 variants out there: blinged out versions, boosted models, and 6×6 iterations that are tough as rocks. Inkas, an armored vehicle manufacturer, has taken it a step further, creating a G63 that is completely bulletproof.

Whether your name is Frank Castle or James Bond or Joe Sixpack, you’ll feel invincible behind this armored AMG, which can take a beating and then some.

The G-Class has almost too many enhancements to name, but throw a rock (or a rocket) at this car and you’re sure to hit something solid. All vertical surfaces including the roof, doors, firewall, and glass are protected, and the floor is reinforced to withstand the blast from two DM51 grenades detonated simultaneously.

The body panels can withstand sustained fire from 7.62mm ammunition, which is what the AK-47 spits out, and the fuel tank is completely insulated.

Every hinge is reinforced; every aperture overlapped. Inkas has taken what is widely known as the G-Wagen and turned it into a nigh-invulnerable protector and intimidator.

Inkas armored Mercedes_Benz G63 AMG

Oh, and its Canadian.

Under the hood, Inkas’ G63 is no different from the stock AMG, but at 544 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque, the G-Class’ twin-turbo V8 was never hurting for power.

So whether it’s the boosted engine, bulletproof windows, or explosive-resistant floor, the G63 AMG by Inkas is tough enough for any hitman — unless he happens to be going up against Inkas’ Huron APC. The armored personnel carrier was designed for military tactical missions and eats ballistics for breakfast, so you might want to use the G63’s engine for this one.

On July 23, an Inkas-armored vehicle came under attack in Nigeria, the objective being the assassination of former Head of State General Muhamadu Buhari. Attackers rushed the vehicle and detonated an explosive in a crowded market, damaging several vehicles and tragically taking the lives of at least 20 people. There were no casualties among the passengers of the Inkas.

(Images courtesy of INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing)