This insane-looking Lamborghini rendering makes the Huracán look like a Camry

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As digital graphics creators get cleverer, so do their vehicular concept renderings.

Take the Lamborghini Sinistro Black Spec rendering by Thebian Concepts that you see above. With a Veneno-like wing, blade-like sideview mirrors, and broad shoulders, it’s what I wish the all-new Huracán looked like.

What engine does Thebian imagine lies under the mid-mounted hood? He didn’t say. But I’d like to think it’s 740-horsepower 6.5-liter V12 from the Veneno. While not as angular as the Veneno, the Sinistro Black Spec looks smaller and hopefully faster.

With the revelation by Pininifarina last year that super-rare 3D printed cars could become a reality, I can only hope cars like the Sinistro, too, become a reality.

If you could 3D-print a car, what would you have made? Tell us in the comments.