Jaguar F-Type R-S to produce 700 horsepower, humiliate Porsche owners

Jaguar C-X16

When we drove the Jaguar F-Type, we saw that Jaguar was surprisingly capable of some incredible stuff. In awe of the new British sports car, our imaginations ran wild, even picturing an F-Type shooting brake.

Not long after, we delightfully learned that Jag has a coupe F-Type variant in the works. We assumed this new coupe F-Type would have the same engine and trim options as the convertible F-Type and we were right – kind of.

Word has come that Jaguar has a 700 horsepower version of the F-Type coupe in the works. One designed to blow the Porsche 911 Turbo S out of the water.

“We have done an R-S version with over 700 horsepower that will do over 200mph – it’s going to be insane,” a Jaguar insider told Auto Express.

What could power this brawny coupe? It very well could be the powertrain from the C-X75 supercar concept. Powered by a turbocharged and supercharged 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder coupled with two electric motors, the C-X75 made 900 horsepower. Seems reasonable to assume Jag could make a more reliable version with only 700-some horsepower.

We don’t know what’s gotten into Jaguar as of late – and we aren’t going to push our luck by asking. The Brits used to rule the world with the barrel of a gun. Looks like they might regain their former glory but this time with quad exhaust pipes instead.

The F-Type coupe should be unveiled sometime next year. As for the F-Type R-S, it won’t go into production until 2016.