Prepare your mustache: Jensen marque returning with new GT, Interceptor 2 in 2016

Jensen GT clay model
The Jensen Interceptor is known for many things: gorgeous Italian styling, dreadful English build quality, an amazing name, and thanks to Top Gear, mustaches.

Despite its many flaws, the car has an appealing nostalgic charm. So much, in fact, that you don’t really care if the gauges don’t work or if the steering is dreadful, because it’s an Interceptor, and that’s just cool.

However, outside of a few LS3-equipped models built by an outside firm in 2011, the Interceptor exists mainly in our memories. Jensen Motors went belly-up in 1976, and the automaker has been deathly quiet since. But that may be changing.

The Jensen Group, the new owner of the Jensen marque led by former Aston Martin chief Tim Hearley, has announced a new vehicle called the GT, which will be followed by an all-new model called the Interceptor 2.

Jensen GT clay model

The GT, shown here in clay model form, will be hand-built in small numbers and has a targeted release date of 2016. According to the Jensen Group, the two-door will bridge the gap between the Interceptors of the 1970s and the future Interceptor 2.

“This represents the next chapter of Jensen and, as we look to the future, we want Jensen enthusiasts to help us celebrate as we unveil a completely new car and outline our plans for the future,” said Hearley.

Since the GT is still in its modeling stages, little is known about the car or the eventual Interceptor 2. Both cars will likely take design cues from their classic ancestors, though, so expect the same great looks with (hopefully) improved fit and finish.

The GT is rumored to cost around £350,000 ($540,260), but final pricing will be determined by the spec of the car and the customer’s personalization preferences. Mustache not included.

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