Top Gear Series 22 now streaming on Amazon Instant Video

Top Gear
BBC America

Good news! No, there aren’t any Dacia Sandero updates to share, but Top Gear Series 22 is now available on Amazon Instant Video.

The BBC program has aired two episodes thus far, as well as the two-part Patagonia Special that debuted in December. The first episode features Clarkson, Hammond, and May participating in a race across St Petersburg, Russia. Because it’s Top Gear, you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s no normal race.

Clarkson’s vehicle of choice was a giant hovercraft, which bumbled down the waterway with the poise and grace we’ve all come to expect from the oft-controversial presenter.

Hammond, on the other hand, pedaled around the city on a bicycle while May drove a Renault Twizy. In a bit of a twist, the Stig took public transit. Needless to say, shenanigans were had.

Episode 2 documents a GT car road trip across Australia, which consisted of a BMW M6 Gran Coupe, a Bentley Continental GT V8S, and a Nissan GT-R.

Also available to stream is the aforementioned Patagonia Christmas Special, which has become synonymous with Jeremy Clarkson’s controversial license plate.

Attached to the back of a Porsche 928, the plate read “H982 FKL.” Critics claimed that the arrangement was a poor-taste reference to Argentina’s 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands. The crew was forced to leave the country after the scandal went public.

It turns there really is no such thing as bad press, because the two-parter was one of the show’s most popular episodes in recent memory. Part 1 garnered 7.21 million viewers in the U.K., while Part 2 saw that number grow to 7.38 million. That last episode to rival that figure was the Africa Special of Series 19, which saw 7.48 million U.K. viewers tune in.