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Kia EV4: design, rumored pricing, release date, and more

Kia EV4 Rear Side

Kia is once again expanding its electric car lineup. The EV6 has been out for a while, and the EV9 is currently going through its initial rollout. Next up is the Kia EV5. But what about after that? Kia has now announced a concept version of the Kia EV4.

The new car was announced at Kia’s EV Day — however, it will likely be some time before it’s released to the public. And, given that it’s really only a concept right now, there’s a lot we don’t know about the EV4.

Here is everything we do know.

Kia EV4 design

The Kia EV4, or at least the concept version of it, is smaller than the EV6, and much smaller than the EV9. It’ll be the first actual sedan in the EV lineup — though it looks nothing like any sedan you’ve probably seen before.

It has angular lines throughout, including at the back of the car, culminating in what looks like a spoiler, but is really just the extended body of the car. Along those rear lines, you’ll get the also angular taillights. There’s a sloped roofline that almost verges into hatchback territory — and it does indeed have a closed trunk. The concept model comes in a matte gold — however, if the car makes it to the production stage, it’ll be available in a range of colors.

Kia EV4 Interior

The interior of the car is just as interesting. The concept model has an oval-shaped steering wheel, with a bright beige minimalistic interior sporting a large screen at the front for infotainment and instrument monitoring. Kia, however, has a history of completely changing the interior of its concept cars when they reach production — and if we had to bet, we’d wager that the interior of the EV4 will look a little more conventional if a production model is released.

Kia EV4 price and tax credit status

When it comes to Kia, it seems as though the lower the model number, the lower the price, and if we had to estimate, we’d say that the EV4 will likely land somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000. Kia hasn’t made any announcements about the price yet, however.

Kia EV4 Front

It also hasn’t announced whether or not the car will be built in the U.S., or if it’ll even be available in the U.S. Considering the fact that smaller cars aren’t as popular in the U.S., it’s possible that we’ll never see the EV4 there.

Kia EV4 release date

Kia has yet to reveal any information about when the EV4 might be released to the public. If it follows the timeline it used for the EV9, then it will be two to three years before the EV4 gets released to the public.

Kia EV4 models

Kia hasn’t revealed anything about the powertrain that it plans to use in the EV4. However, it will likely offer a few different models, and it’s possible there will be single- and dual motor-variants, and standard and long-range variants. It may also launch a GT-Line model, with unique styling, and a GT model with enhanced performance.

Kia EV4 charging speed and range

Kia also hasn’t revealed much about the charging speed and range of the EV4. And details we’ve learned about the EV5 make it harder to speculate, too. The EV6 and EV9 both offer an 800-volt architecture, allowing the car to reach superfast 350-kilowatt charging speeds. Butthe EV5 will be built on a 400-volt architecture, so it won’t reach the same speeds. If Kia is indeed reserving those fast charging speeds for its more expensive models, then the EV4 will likely only have a 400-volt architecture, which will limit the charging speed.

Kia EV4 Side

It’s even harder to speculate on range. It’s likely the EV4 will have a smaller battery than some of Kia’s larger cars, and it will also be lighter. We’re hoping that the car reaches a range of 300 miles.

Kia EV4 tech features

Here’s another area we can only speculate about, as Kia hasn’t announced any details about the tech features of the EV4. That said, we’re expecting the car to offer basic features like lane centering and adaptive cruise control, and more advanced features like Kia’s automatic parking tech. It’s likely the car will offer the same software as Kia’s other cars.

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