The more the hyper-er: Koenigsegg CEO imagines a four-door hypercar

Koenigsegg One:1
You won’t find many four-door hypercars out there today, because most music moguls, star athletes, and wealthy collectors don’t need the room for groceries.

Still, a sedan with the power of a hydrogen rocket has its appeal. We’re talking picking up the kids at school with gullwing doors, racing to soccer practice at 230 mph, chaperoning the most memorable first dates ever, and making the quickest (and most stylish) milk runs in history … Hey, somebody should totally build one!

The geniuses over at Top Gear must have thought the same thing, became in a sit down with Koenigsegg CEO Christian von Koenigsegg, they asked him if he had ever considered making such a vehicle.

“Yes, I can imagine a car like that,” he answered. “Maybe within the next five years, possibly earlier than that.”

Clearly, there are no concrete plans at the moment, as Koenigsegg and Co. clearly have their minds on other things – mainly the 1500-horsepower Regera hybrid and the brand’s first foray into producing two models in parallel. One thing that Koenigsegg was candid about, though, was the concept of a small, entry-level supercar.

“To me, in the last few years, that sector – the 911, the McLaren, the Ferrari 458 etc – is a hornet’s nest which I want to stay well away from,” he said.

That’s not to say he’s not confident about his chances in the segment, but the low-volume Swedish manufacturer is more than content in its staggeringly powerful, isolated niche.

“Everyone is trying to kill each other. I’m happy way out here, away from that in my little blue ocean,” he explained. “I’m not interested in getting into that fight.”

Speaking of fights, Koenigsegg is planning to take the One:1, a 1340-hp monster with a poetically balanced hp/kg ratio, to Germany later this summer. The goal? A new ultimate lap record at the Nurburgring.

“We are ready to go,” Christian said. “And as soon as the weather permits we’ll be at the ‘Ring regularly.”

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