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Video: Watch Koenigsegg’s astonishing One:1 set the 0-186-0 mph world record

Koenigsegg One:1 vs 0-300-0 kmh
Koenigsegg’s cars aren’t just powerful and beautiful, they’re something more. Like alpha predators in a barren wasteland, they’re ambitious.

The vehicles produced in Angelholm, Sweden often get bored with their prey, as hypercar-beating performance simply isn’t enough. To satisfy their Darwinian needs, they chase records.

Back in 2005, Koenigsegg’s CCR was crowned the quickest production car in the world, with a top speed of 241.63 mph. The vehicle is also responsible for the fastest alleged speeding ticket in U.S. history, as a CCR owner was reportedly clocked at 242 mph somewhere in Texas. Digging deeper into the manufacturer’s trophy case, the CCXR once held the record for best power-to-weight ratio in the world with 2.9 pounds per horsepower, though that has since been surpassed by the astonishing One:1.

Never one to rest on its laurels, Koenigsegg recently smashed yet another record with the One:1, setting the quickest production car time for a 0-186-0 mph sprint.

Piloting the 1,341-hp One:1 down a test track in Sweden, a brave driver managed the feat in just 17.95 seconds, cruising past the previous achievement of 21.19 seconds set by the Agera R in 2011.

Separating the run into its individual sections, the car accomplished 0 to 186 mph in 11.92 seconds and back to 0 again in just 6.03 seconds, but that’s not even the most impressive part about the One:1.

Watch the film closely at 1:23 and you’ll notice that the driver takes his hands almost completely off the steering wheel, showcasing the Swedish vehicle’s incredible control. Better yet, the car barely twitches as its massive brakes attempt to rearrange the occupant’s internal organs, which is a simply staggering achievement by Koenigsegg’s engineering team.

Always one to push the limit, Koenigsegg plans to target the Nurburgring production car lap record with the One:1 soon.

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