Lamborghini Huracan and a pair of Rolls-Royces torched in British arson attack

Some men just want to watch the world burn, or in this case, a few top-dollar supercars.

On August 20, a blaze tore through the garage of a car service called VIP Limousines in Digbeth, Birmingham, England, reducing a handful of rare and extremely expensive vehicles to piles of torched metal and melted plastic. No humans were injured by the fire, but the same can’t be said for a Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls-Royce Phantom, and Rolls-Royce Ghost that were scorched by the flames. Needless to say, the cars — which add up to over $1,000,000 in value — are beyond repair.

According to the Birmingham Mail, the suspected arson attack took the efforts of some 40 firefighters to extinguish, and VIP’s boss says the incident has left his 15-year-old company in limbo.

“I’ve no idea who has done this as we’re a successful business and get on with everyone,” said Zafron Hussain, VIP owner. “I don’t know if we were deliberately targeted or if it was yobs messing around.”

“We cannot operate from these premises because of the damage and it will take months for the insurance claim to be sorted out,” he continued.

Another 15 vehicles were present in the 150-square meter storage facility when the incident occurred, including a Hummer, Mercedes-Benz, a group of BMWs, and a collection of limousines, but none were seriously damaged. But to make matters worse, the Lamborghini wasn’t even a part of the limousine fleet; Hussain was merely storing it for a friend when the fire spread. VIP’s owner has offered a £20,000 ($31,511) reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the arrests of the arsonists.

The West Midlands Police have launched an official investigation to locate the attackers and bring them to justice.