Leaked Toyota Prius C pictures

Toyota is said to be readying their upcoming Toyota Prius C, but as it stands now the Prius C , which will be the smallest and cheapest model in the Prius line, is merely a concept with no real definitive details released, until now. 

Thanks to a plucky reader over at Carscoop, who sent in a brochure featuring what appears to be a possible production model of the Prius C, we may now have some  insight into what to expect from the newest member of the Prius family. 

Upon first glance of the alleged Prius C production model, the body appears to be less angular with a redefined front-end and a redesigned rear that blends the look and feel of the traditional Prius with that of a Nissan Leaf. Historically, wheels on past Prius have been underwhelming, appearing thin and out of place, but the Prius C model seems to feature a set of wheels that compliment the body and design well.

If Toyota can deliver the impressive numbers that are being touted (60 mpg with a cost around $20,000) and retain this edgy redesign — then they could very well have another hit on their hands come 2012.