With a 4K TV and plush captain’s chairs, Lexani’s mobile office will make going to work easier

Welcome to the least productive mobile officer ever.

Boutique luxury conversion company Lexani has announced its Concept One Curve, a 2015 Cadillac Escalade fitted with a 48” 4K Smart TV, a Mac Mini computer, and an Apple iPad Air II.

It may be hard to focus with all this technology staring at you, but if you can, you won’t find a more comfortable place to get things done.

Lexani calls the concept the world’s first mobile office and theater. In addition to the curved television and home electronics, there are plenty of other goodies to back up that claim.

The impossibly luxurious rear compartment has been upgraded with a raised ceiling, ultra plush leather captain’s chairs, and more digital displays than The Enterprise itself.

Security cameras and electronic window shades keep the grubby fingers of the middle class outside, while TracVision Satellite availability and a touch screen management system keeps you in the loop.

For those days when you feel productive, there’s video conferencing and a retractable partition for business meetings. For the days when you don’t, gold-plated airline tables and nap-inducing upholstery are there to help you rest.

It all comes together in a truly glamorous and enviable mobile space. This is the type of luxury that seldom few get to experience, and because Lexani doesn’t list the price of the Concept One Curve, you know it’s going to be otherworldly pricey.

Lexani doesn’t do just Escalades. The Corona, California-based firm is perhaps best known for high-end wheel design, and the group also makes armored cars.

The outfit has previously tricked out Lincoln Navigators, Toyota Land Cruisers, Mercedes-Sprinters, and GMC Yukons.

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