Lexus feels the racing itch, plans to scratch it with the RC F GT3

Lexus RC F GT3

Almost overshadowing the reveal of the Lexus GS F, the automaker’s newest track-ready midsize sedan, was the upstaging done by the RC F GT3, a menacing race car that will spearhead the brand’s global racing effort.

Revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the RCF GT3 is the concept based on the RC F sports coupe. It houses a modified version of the RC F’s 5.0-liter V8, upping the output from 467 horsepower to 540 hp. The race car also sheds over a thousand pounds, as well as being lower and wider, with additional aerodynamic work done to the body.

Lexus RC F GT3

Jeff Bracken, Lexus USA Group Vice President announces plans for the RC F GT3

The brand has a storied, if relatively brief, history in motorsport, being involved since 1999 and seeing three consecutive victories as an engine supplier in the Rolex Sports Car Series championship. The automaker has even seen the LFA and IS F fielded in races like the 24 hours at Nurburgring race. Apart from participating in the Super GT500 series, it hasn’t competed outside of Japan in some time, but it looks like Lexus has that itch again, and it’s going to scratch it with the RC F GT3.


Lexus is developing the RC F GT3 with the intent of entering it to compete in Europe’s FIA GT3 series. Shortly thereafter, it will debut in a U.S. series, but which one has yet to be determined. Once the car passes homologation requirements, Lexus develop the car with key partners before privateer teams take their own RC F GT3’s to the races.

With a global motorsport effort in swing, the idea is that Lexus will use the knowledge gained from the track and use it to better the F-brand vehicles of the future. Hopefully, we’ll soon hear more as the year progresses about what races the RC F GT3 will be involved in as well as what teams will be driving them.