Take a load off with the Lincoln Continental Concept’s amazing 30-way driver’s seat

A “new era of wellness and luxury” is upon us, and it’s coming by way of the new Lincoln Continental Concept.

The full-size luxury vehicle equips a stunningly plush driver’s seat, which features Alcantara inserts, 30-way adjustability, heating, cooling, and a rolling-pattern massage function. Over 50 patent disclosures have been filed for the seat alone, and another 100 or so more are under review. The result? A ridiculous amount of adjustment, including six modes for the track, two for reclining, four on the headrest, and four for lumbar support. The thigh supports can also be operated individually, as can the cushion extenders.

For reference, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class — a staple of opulence and comfort — features a 16-way power driver’s seat. Compared to this, it might as well be made of porcupines.

“The next frontier to serve the luxury automotive client is a seat that conforms to and supports the body — a seat that feels as if it were personally tailored for you each time,” said Johnathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor for Lincoln. “The new design of the Lincoln 30-way seats goes beyond the one-size-fits-all design seen in the past. It conforms to your body and supports it in ways not previously possible.”

The rear passenger seat can also fully recline, which speaks to the high-end executive clientele these types of cars appeal to. First introduced at the 2015 New York Auto Show, the Continental Concept equips a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6, LED matrix headlamps, and 21-inch wheels.

Lincoln is expected to manufacture the production Continental at Ford’s Flat Rock, Michigan plant, and although many elements of concept cars don’t make the showroom floor, it’d be a real shame if this sumptuous throne didn’t make the cut. The car should be going on sale sometime in late 2016.