Watch a semi truck jump over an F1 car

Here’s something you don’t see everyday.

It’s not unknown for cars and bikes to jump over semi trucks, but in this case things are the other way around.

As part of a promotion for sponsor EMC, the Lotus Formula One team arranged for a big rig to jump over one of its cars – while both vehicles were moving.

In the process, the team set a new Guinness World Record for longest jump by a truck and trailer. The behemoth machine managed to sail an incredible 83 feet, 7 inches.

Granted, the truck didn’t have to be launched too high to clear the low-slung F1 car, but it’s still remarkable to see a vehicle that big traveling through the air with no CGI involved.

The truck in question is a Renault model, which is appropriate since the French company supplies engines (or rather, “power units” in current F1 speak) to Lotus.

The car was the version Lotus used in the 2013 season, right before a major rules change that saw F1 implement hybrid powertrains, making the old designs completely obsolete.

The multimillion-dollar racer isn’t exactly disposable, though, and things would have turned out rather unfortunately for the driver if this stunt hadn’t gone off without a hitch.