Take-anywhere luxury: Mansory’s G-Wagen Sahara Edition is dune-hopping prestige

It seems as though these days, the Arab states are where to go for anyone seeking to be among the most exclusive exotic supercars and the world’s finest luxury vehicles. Their cars may be extraordinarily fast and opulent, but there’s one catch: Sand.

It’s everywhere and it doesn’t play well with the most refined performance vehicles when it blankets the roads or vacuumed up by the car’s vents. Drivers of these cars find themselves stuck on paved roads that pale in scope compared to the vast, beautiful country with so much room for activities. Luckily, high-end car tuner Mansory has both sides covered with the Mansory G-Class Sahara Edition.


Nick Jaynes/Digital Trends

Debuting at the Geneva Auto Show, Mansory took a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and outfitted it with a redesigned carbon fiber body kit decked out in desert camouflage decals. The whole kit is 40 millimeters wider than the standard truck, and adds a modified off-road bumper to the front, which sports underride protection.

Bespoke headlights give the G-Model a distinct look, which are accented by recessed indicator lights that shine through nine pinhole openings. These are supported by the four roof-mounded spotlights over the windshield.

Mansory G-Class Sahara Edition

It’s not all bodywork and light bars, the Sahara Edition also gets some tweaks in the power department as well. The  AMG-sourced 5.5-liter twin turbo V8 gets a handful of components swapped out with race-ready parts used instead. The pistons, connecting rods, big end bearings, crankshaft, crank, and cylinder head are replaced, as well as the exhaust system. All these result in a power increase from 536 horsepower to a whopping 828 hp.

The ruggedly refined outside is matched by the interior, with a redesigned dash and console area complimented by a marbled camouflage leather upholstery job. If that sounds more conservative than it should be, rest assured that each seat is embroidered with a falcon’s face and wing design.