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McLaren teases its ‘black swan’ Sports Series car with an image of its door

As we count down to the last auto show of the season, we’ve still got a few more teasers coming forth to tantalize the year’s last big reveals. McLaren has shown us bits of its Sports Series car, the first of three tiers of vehicles the company will offer. This time, we get a shot of the door and the message that they’ll once again challenge what we believe about sports cars.

The image of the door is accompanied by the hashtag #blackswanmoments not to signify any relation the horrific mental breakdown of a ballerina, but to the moment in 1697 when Dutch explorers discovered black swans in Australia, which until that moment were only thought to be white.

McLaren Sports Series Teaser
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Thus a “black swan moment” is when something completely changes how we look at the world, like when you discover Twizzlers can be used as straws (your welcome).

McLaren intends to release stories behind the black swan moments that shaped the company’s history, leading up to the full reveal of the Sport Series car at the New York Auto Show this April. From what we know of it, the Sports Series vehicle will be the lower of three tiers – the pending Sports series, Super, which the 650S and its variants are classed, and Ultimate, which is comprised of the P1 and P1 GTR.

Teasers aren’t usually much to go by, but in this case, that feather-like groove towards the air scoop actually looks pretty cool, and we hope that the rest of the Mercedes AMG GT-fighter looks just as sharp. We’ll only have to wait a couple more weeks to find out.

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