Meet Godzilla’s little brother: The 800-horsepower Nissan Juke

If we needed any more proof that Russians are “unique,” then we now have it. Russian tuning company Shpilli Villi engineering has just taken the Nissian Juke, a cute, fun city car, and turned it into a 800-horsepower monster.

If that weren’t enough – by the way it is totally more than enough – the Russians crammed 200-hp worth of nitrous oxide into it and took it around the Nurburgring.

Sounds terrifying, right? Well, just to make things more fun the day, the fire-breathing testicle shattering Juke-R took to the track, it was raining. Things went sideways both metaphorically and literally a number of times. However, there is no point in pretending it didn’t make it to the end of the track.

After all, if something went wrong with this dry-ice bomb of a car we probably could have seen the resulting explosion from the Digital Trends headquarters in Portland.

The video doesn’t give an official time, but it appears to have taken just under ten minutes. That is not an especially fast time by the standards of the ‘Ring. Given the conditions, though, I am still impressed.

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The fact that this car’s parts are not passing Neptune as they accelerate at the speed of light is down to a great deal of very clever drivetrain engineering. The highly-tuned Juke has the capacity to switch between all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Though, my guess is that all four wheels were kept very busy on the wet track.

The idea from this bizarre track monster came from Nissan, which crammed the powertrain from the GT-R into a Juke to create the Juke-R. At the time that sounded pants-crappingly insane, but as the kids say, “Nissan, you just got served.”