Mopar’s mechanized battalion invades SEMA with 17 vehicles

When FIAT Chrysler executives were putting together their SEMA portfolio for 2014, it’s pretty clear they embraced the “everything and the kitchen sink” philosophy.

The company is sending a total of 17 vehicles to Las Vegas this year, and they include one-off concepts, production models, and factory packages.

First up is the iconic Dodge Viper, which has been dressed in American Club Racing livery. The race-tuned ACR Concept stands out with a kingsnake-inspired paint job, while a slew of carbon fiber wings, dive planes, and splitters help improve aerodynamics. Dodge says the ACR’s track prowess was tuned over “many development hours in the wind tunnel.”

Six-piston Brembo brakes replace the four-piston units from the standard car, and they latch onto huge, 15.4-inch carbon ceramic rotors to keep the car on the tarmac. To improve the Viper’s power-to-weight ratio, the interior has been stripped and nearly all of the cabin materials are made from carbon fiber. There is some luxury though, as the ACR fits an Alcantara suede steering wheel.

Far from the Swinger models if the 1960s, the Dart R/T Concept is making its debut at SEMA. The compact sports a racer boy black and orange color scheme, a Mopar brake upgrade, and an adjustable coil-over suspension setup. This is clearly not your grandpa’s car.

Up next is the slime green Challenger T/A Concept, which pays homage to the T/A performance package of the 1970s. It wears a “Viper-inspired” hood scoop that’s fed by a Mopar induction system, T/A graphics, Brembo six-pot calipers, a rear roll bar, and electric exhaust cutouts for a louder rumble.

Dodge Challenger T/A Concept

The T/A is headed for SEMA along with its SRT Hellcat brother, the fire-breathing demon that truly needs no introduction.

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Any Dodge event showcasing the Challenger would be incomplete without its four-door brethren, the Charger. The R/T Mopar Concept takes center stage with a cold air intake, bolstered sway bars, a coil-over kit, and 20-inch Mopar wheels. If there’s a car that’s going to trigger law enforcement anxiety, this is it.

The factory R/T Scat Pack and SRT Hellcat packages are also coming along for the ride.

A quintet of Jeeps will make their way to Nevada as well, including two tricked out Renegades, two modified Wranglers, and the lifted Cherokee Dakar, which Jeep calls “the most extreme Cherokee ever.”

Taking up the rear is the Chrysler 200S Mopar, a tuned version of the car that made a big impression at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. It features a plethora of bolt-on upgrades, including a Mopar cold-air intake, cat-back exhaust, big brake kit, and lowered suspension.

Other vehicles include the FIAT 500 Abarth Scorpion, FIAT 500L Custom, Ram ProMaster Hospitality Van, and Ram 2500 Outdoorsman.