Morgan will expand its 3 Wheeler lineup with the lighter, more powerful EV3 electric model

Morgan EV3 side

Morgan’s 3 Wheeler sports car (if you can call it that) has been a huge success for the UK automaker. The brand’s history is of course tied to the original three-wheeler, which was designed by Henry Morgan as the first ‘cyclecar’ in 1909, but it was a bold move to introduce a redesigned version 60 years after the F-series 3 wheelers ended production in 1952.

Since the new 3 Wheeler went on sale in 2012, it has become the automaker’s fastest-selling model in its 105-year history. Now, Morgan is ready to introduce a new flavor of its iconic vehicle, an electric version.

Morgan EV3 side 2

The EV3 will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week before going on sale in 2016. While Morgan doesn’t have a ton of experience with electric models — having until now only sold the Plus E — the recipe sounds simple enough. There will be a single electric motor powering the rear wheels and providing 101 horsepower.

While you might assume the electric version will play second fiddle performance-wise to the internal combustion variant, the EV3 actually makes more power and will weigh less than the 1200-pound gas-powered 3 Wheeler. The range is also decent, especially considering the size of the vehicle: 150 miles on a single charge.

Morgan-3-Wheeler-front angle

With more power and less weight, expect the EV3 to best both the Plus E and the standard 3 Wheeler’s 6.0-second sprint to 60 mph. Morgan says that the “bespoke to order, hand-crafted” EV3 will “look at the world of zero emissions motoring with an entirely new approach.”

Visually, the EV3 is distinguished by a cleaner, more rounded body, of course without the side-exit exhausts and front-mounted combustion engine. It’s unclear whether the EV3 will make it to the U.S. market, but considering how rapidly the normal 3 Wheeler sold here, it makes sense for its electric counterpart to make the journey.