BMW two-door 4 Series leaked ahead of official debut

Since we first saw the BMW 4 Series concept back at the Detroit Auto Show, we’ve been eagerly awaiting official unveiling of the production version.

Although the embargo wasn’t set to lift until later today, the British automotive media mistakenly let some images and details slip. Oh and what a beautiful mistake they’ve made.

As we can see from the photos, the new 4 Series – formerly the 3 Series coupe – has been widened in both the front and rear over that of the four-door 3 Series. This not only makes it look sportier and more menacing but will no doubt help the car drive a bit more energetically, too.

Despite featuring three engines under the hood – a diesel, a four-cylinder turbo, and a six-cylinder turbo making anywhere from 181 to 302 horsepower – BMW claims the new 4 Series has a 50:50 front-to-rear weight ratio. Additionally, the 4 Series is reported to only weigh 66 lbs more than the last-gen 3 Series coupe, according to Leftlane News.

The German luxury brand does have plans for an xDrive 4 Series variant down the line. It’ll be interesting to see how curb weight and balance shifts with the all-wheel drive addition.

The interior is absolutely stunning, if we do say so ourselves. We absolutely love the red on red; it reminds us of American cars from the 1960s. For our money, you can never have too much red.

Despite having two fewer doors than the 3, the 4 Series will run around $5,000 more than its bigger brother, though official pricing for the U.S. should be known any moment now.

If you’re confused why BMW chose to call its two-door the 4 Series and the four-door the 3 Series, join the club. Sure, we understand that the coupe is pricier so therefore it gets a higher number in the naming scheme – but still; it just doesn’t feel right.

More news will be known later today on the 4 Series so check back soon.