The next Ford Focus RS will be Mustang-powered … and coming Stateside in 2015

new ford focus rs coming america

A new Focus RS will represent a step up from the already insane Focus ST.

The new 2015 Ford Focus is going to be a hugely important car that could sell literally millions of units over the next few years, however it’s not very exciting. Thankfully that is what the Focus RS is for, and it looks like the new Focus will be bringing one along.

The last generation of RS was sold exclusively in Europe, which was a shame because it was one of the most exciting hot hatchbacks on the market. Now, with the whole world getting the same version of the Focus, we can hold hands and sing Kumbaya … or just drive really fast in our Focus RS.

Swedish magazine Auto Motor and Sport reports that the new RS will get the same 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine that will be available in the new Mustang. While Ford hasn’t released the final power numbers for this engine, saying only that it will be more than 305 horsepower, the new RS is reported to be capped at 330 hp – 15 less than the previous generation.

If Ford has decided to cap the power, this suggests that the RS will remain front-wheel drive only. If that’s the case, it will limit the RS’s ability compete with some other hot hatchbacks like the VW Golf R, but it will remain true to form as an old school hot hatchback.

What isn’t speculative is that any new RS will be a five-door, as Ford has discontinued production of three-door Focuses. Fortunately, though, if you want something a bit smaller, you can turn to the excellent Ford Fiesta.

We already know that the Focus ST is a great car, but with an additional 80 or so horsepower and an even more rakish suspension, the performance should approach mind-blowing levels. After all, if anything can deliver high-end performance for an entry level price, it should be the product of a merger between America’s SVT and Europe’s RS division.