From the ashes of Bulleta Motors, founder Ferris Rezvani teases his next ‘Beast’ supercar

new kind beast reared head watch rezvani the teaser from

Rezvani created a supercar monster that is lurking in the dark, waiting to jump out and attack the world. At least, we assume so, as we can’t see much but the sideview mirror.

The leaked photo above is supposedly a glimpse of a car named “The Beast”. No, this is not the President’s new limousine, but rather Rezvani Motor’s mad gamble at joining the supercar ranks … again.

Does the Rezvani name strike a bell? It should, as Ferris Rezvani is the man behind Bulleta Motors, a maniacal company aimed at trying to re-body the lotus Evora. Sadly, the F-22-inspired re-bodied Lotus turned out to be vaporware. Too bad, we really wanted to drive it.

There is no word as to how Bulleta Motors is coming along, but it is nice to see a snapshot of another of Rezvani’s creations … even if it, too, is destined to remain a mere rendering. From the picture above it is difficult to tell if the supercar features F-1 style inboard-shocks … we suspect, however, it does. What for the rest of the car? For all we know, it could be powered by a V12 diesel and have big ol’ wings. Your guess is as good as mine.

Those interested should watch out; this unknown start-up from Irvine, California has also told insiders that “The Beast” will be fully unveiled in mid-2014 … forgive our cynicism, but we won’t be holding our breaths.

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