New photos from Batman V. Superman set offer perspective on redesigned Batmobile

new photos batman v superman set offer perspective redesigned batmobile

The Batmobile has been big in the news lately with Zack Snyder releasing an official image of The Dark Knight’s redesigned ride for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and various Detroit locals posting their own shots of the car on the streets. The latest batch of images are unique, though, in that they offer some perspective on the Batmobile’s real size and visual effect compared to normal, street-legal cars — and it’s truly something to behold.

Posted over on AutoBlog, the photos show the Batmobile cruising around the streets of Detroit and parked in various locations. There are quite a few images, and they offer a great indication of how the latest iteration of the Batmobile has blended much of what’s come before into its new design — most notably the functional, militaristic aspects of Christopher Nolan’s version of the Batmobile with the domed cockpit of Tim Burton’s iteration.

The photos also provide some perspective on how much wider and longer than regular vehicles this version of the Batmobile is, as well as how overt the weapon placement is on the car. Earlier versions of the Batmobile often hid the guns and other obvious weaponry within the body of the vehicle, but this one seems to show little concern for subtlety.

You can view all of the photos at AutoBlog, but here are a few highlights:

batmobile bvs 03 batmobile bvs 01 batmobile bvs 02