Volvo’s 2015 XC90: A 400 hp plug-in hybrid built for hauling kids, a dog, and about 20 airbags

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Volvo hasn’t released a truly new XC90 in just over a decade, but that’s about to change. And the new one, due out in late 2014, is going to come with some pretty advanced tech.

The most significant of the tech advancements will be the plug in-hybrid options available across the entire range. These electric powertrains will be mated to either a turbocharged four-cylinder, V6, or the same V8 that is available in the current generation.

For the most family-friendly of crossovers, power should be shockingly high. According to the gas engine alone should produce up to 300 horsepower, with the electric motors potentially goosing this figure to over 400 hp.

With that kind of grunt, your kids will never be late for soccer practice again. Though, they may be suffering from whiplash and posttraumatic stress.

Unfortunately, behind all this exciting news is some real disappointment. We won’t be getting the diesel plug-in hybrid that is currently available on the European V60. That turbocharged five-cylinder diesel-electric combo will pull the V60, three kids, a dog and about 20 airbags from 0-60 in just 6.1 seconds.

This performance does come at something of a cost because it averages just 129 mpg, which is more than twice what you get in a Prius. Plus, the V6 PHEV has two more seats and a bigger trunk than the Prius. With performance and efficiency numbers like that, I can see why Volvo didn’t even bother bring it Stateside.

Sadly, the gas/electric XC90 we will be getting in the United States is only rated at 119 mpg.

This impressive performance and economy will be mated to new, aggressive styling that Volvo hopes will help break the company’s boring conservative image.

We may have waited a long time for the new XC90, but, even without the amazing diesel powertrain, it looks like it will have been worth the wait.

(Main Photo Credit: Porscheofthevillage)

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