Watch Nissan’s Juke Nismo RS set a Guinness World Record using just two wheels

Despite a striking assembly at the motorcycle paddock this year, the coolest vehicle on two wheels at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed was actually a car.

Nissan’s Juke Nismo RS, a 215-horsepower tuned version of its quirky Juke crossover, set a new Guinness World Record at the event for the quickest driven mile. But with stunt expert Terry Grant behind the wheel, the car managed to do it while balancing on just the driver’s side wheels. You can witness the feat in the video above, courtesy of Goodwood Road & Racing.

To start the trial, the car launched itself into a coiled stance by driving off an angled ramp. Grant had to wrestle with the controls constantly to maintain balance, continually adjusting the steering angle to stay upright. What’s more is that he could only use one hand to steer, as he had to use the other to prop himself up on the door.

Grant’s ability to maintain speed with such little grip on the road is quite surreal to see, especially as he pilots the three-door around corners and over inclines. He was able to complete the course in just 2:10, smashing the previous record time of 2:45.

The two-wheeled balancing act isn’t the only world record on British stunt driver’s resume; he actually holds more than 20. His automotive accomplishments include the most people in a car while driving on two wheels (15), the highest number of donuts in 100 seconds (39), and the fastest one-mile time driven in reverse (1:37).

After the Juke Nismo RS reunited all four tires with the pavement, Nissan debuted the highly anticipated and wickedly powerful Juke-R 2.0 at Goodwood. Featuring the heart of a GT-R and a whopping 600 hp, the carbon-fiber-clad crossover can sprint to 60 mph in around 3.0 seconds.

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