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Tesla Model 3 tuned in Germany is an electric car you’ll either love or hate

As Tesla sales grow, and the number of Model 3s registered in the United States and abroad increases, the firm’s long-awaited entry-level model risks becoming a mundane, ordinary sight. German tuner Novitec wants to prevent the Model 3 from drifting into the realm of banality by making parts that add a touch of character without ruining the sedan’s looks.

Novitec fired up its wind tunnel to make the Model 3 more aerodynamic while giving it a sportier, more purposeful stance. Balancing form and function is easier said than done, but we think the tuner has pulled it off. Its Tesla Model 3 receives a long list of add-ons including bumper extensions on both ends, a trunk-mounted spoiler, and side skirts. These parts are made with carbon fiber to keep weight in check. They can be left bare, or they can be painted in the same color as the body.

21-inch alloy wheels wrapped by fat tires add a finishing touch to the look, but the changes don’t end there. Novitec designed custom suspension components that lower the Model 3’s ride height while allowing it to deliver a firmer, more dynamic ride.

The custom bits available for the Model 3’s interior are limited to new upholstery made with leather, Alcantara, a blend of both, or something else. Customers can work directly with Novitec to specify the exact material they wish to sit on. If you dream of a 3 with pink shag carpet, there is a way to make your vision come true.

The electric powertrain remains fully stock. Novitec doesn’t touch the Model 3’s motors, its battery pack, or its software that acts as the brain behind it all. The body kit might have a small effect on range, though. It might help the Model 3 drive further on a charge by reducing its drag coefficient, or it might make motorists stop for electricity more often by adding weight. We’ll know more when the tuner releases more precise specifications. Either way, the changes will be minor at best.

Novitec is no stranger to Tesla’s unique breed of electric cars. It has already worked on the Model S, and on the Model X. And, while aftermarket tuners are a dime a dozen, it’s one of the better-established brands that regularly works on exotic cars made by Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce. Its parts normally don’t come cheap, though pricing information for Tesla’s smallest car hasn’t been released yet, but at least they’re tasteful and built to last.

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