The Germans took a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and made it fatter and flappier

Ferrari is the pinnacle of the automotive landscape. Its cars are built to such exacting precision and with such engineering mastery that no one can quite match its levels of performance and driving vitality.

That is, except the Germans.

What you see above, my friends, is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta tuned by German aftermarket tuner Novitec Rosso. And the result is absolutely staggering.

The standard F12 is downright crackers. This upgraded one, though, is around the bend.

The 6.3-liter V12 now makes 781 horsepower – up from 729. The top speed has been notched up to 217 mph.

The Novitec Rosso’s wide-body F12 Berlinetta is wider, more powerful, faster, and has way more flappy bits on the exterior than the original.

The fiddled with Ferrari is now 4.2 inches wider. Its girthy body has been reshaped for both improved cooling and aerodynamics. The designers at Novitec Rosso reshaped the front bumper and central front blade to improve high-speed stability by lessening lift.

While the new front end sucks the nose to the pavement, the updated rear-end generates more downforce thanks to a rear wing and five-piece diffuser.

Cooling vents have been chiseled into the bodywork as well. In the front, vents move heated air away from the brakes. In the rear, the side sills also move hot air away from the calipers but also route the air toward the rear wing.

Framing the high-heat brakes are 21-inch three-piece forged wheels in the front and 22-inch rims in the rear. Keeping these wheels planted to the pavement is an upgraded suspension designed to oblige the new, widened body. Also, a front lift kit was installed. Apparently Novitec Rosso thought the original ride height was too low.

All told, the wide-body F12 Berlinetta is one of the most marvelous looking things we’ve seen in a long time. Leave it to the Germans to improve upon perfection.

Makes me wonder what the Germans can’t do. You know, aside from write a good comedy.

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