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The Openbay mobile app brings you roadside assistance anywhere, anytime

There’s a pesky little adage out there known as Murphy’s law, and if you’ve ever suffered an inconvenient breakdown, you’re all too familiar with it. Cars always seem to go belly up in the worst places, and in those headache-inducing moments, we often rely on roadside assistance.

Not everyone has an AAA membership or comprehensive insurance plan though, but now there’s another option. Openbay, an online auto repair marketplace, has added on-demand roadside assistance to its mobile app.


The Openbay app — available for Android and well as iOS devices — now connects drivers to a nationwide network of roadside service professionals on a pay-per-use basis. So whether it’s a flat tire, drained battery, empty gas tank, or four stubbornly locked doors, a little bad luck doesn’t have to mean the end of your day.

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“Consumers are holding onto their vehicles a lot longer, thanks to higher quality parts and service,” said Rob Infantino, founder and CEO of Openbay. “Nearly 60 percent of the vehicles on the road are more than nine years old, and more likely to require roadside service than newer vehicles. Now, Openbay combines the convenience of on-demand roadside with our auto repair marketplace, delivering speed and removing hassle from car-care, and meeting the expectations consumers have with today’s online and on-demand services.”

On-demand roadside assistance works in concert with the GPS system on your mobile device, as the app locates the nearest authorized repair technician and allows you to request specific services. Flat-rate pricing starts at $64.95 for basic roadside assistance, and towing services start at $79.95 for up to five miles, with prices increasing from there on a tiered system. The best part? You can pay for the whole thing right from your phone.

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