Optimized performance, minimized footprint: South Africa enters EV market with a real Joule

Experience a “dynamic driving experience” with South Africa’s first foray into the rapidly expanding and competitive electric vehicle market. Named Joule and developed by private South African company Optimal Energy (Pty) Ltd. South Africa’s first battery electric engineered vehicle will be a likely triumph for a country that has suffered greatly both socially and economically in its recent history.

The new gem of the EV world is a five-seater passenger vehicle that features a range of 186 miles and a “no compromise, zero emissions urban driving experience”. The battery found within the Joule is a fully recyclable large-cell lithium-ion battery that takes roughly 7 hours to charge on a 220 volt home outlet. The all electric Joule can achieve a maximum highway speed of 87 mph and measures 12.8 feet long and 5.9 feet wide. The vehicle is completely automatic and features a single speed front-wheel drive gearbox.

On top of regenerative ABS braking, steel space frame and side impact protection, Optimal Energy is also offering 24/7 roadside assistance and will lease the batteries powering Joule separately. The South African company is hoping to release the car in 2015, with plans for an international distribution soon after.