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Pagani teases its hardcore Huayra BC supercar, a $2.7 million symbol of opulence

Pagani Huayra BC Teaser
Pagani Huayra BC Teaser
Pagani has released its first teaser image for what will be a “super” Huayra of sorts.

Posted on Facebook with #huayrabc, the hardcore Huayra BC model is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Very little is known about the special edition, except that it will be even more rare than the regular Huayra, and of course more expensive. To complement the teaser, TopSpeed has created a rendering of the tricked-out Pagani:

TopSpeed Pagani Huayra BC Rendering TopSpeed Rendering

Reportedly only 20 units of the Huayra BC will be produced, each demanding $2.7 million. That price should rival the upcoming Bugatti Chiron. Though Pagani’s super Huayra will no doubt be fast, it would take quite a bit of power to overcome the Chiron’s rumored 290 mph top speed and 2.2-second 0-to-60 mph specs.

Though the teased Huayra is wrapped in camouflage, you can make out a more aerodynamic body kit, including a large rear wing and bigger rear diffuser. Grunt will be provided by a tuned version of the standard Huayra’s Mercedes-AMG 6.0-liter bi-turbocharged V12. Output will rise some unknown amount more than the original car’s 730 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. 3.3 seconds is all it should take to get the Huayra BC to 60 mph while top speed should hover around the 230 mph mark.

Weight reduction will also be part of the hardcore Huayra’s equation. Extensive use of carbon fiber will likely bring the car’s curb weight down to just under 3,000 pounds.

Of course the Huayra doesn’t purely exist as a performance vehicle and undoubtedly Pagani will maintain the supercar’s curvaceous exterior. In a world of increasingly capable performance vehicles, including Ferrari’s LaFerrari, Porsche’s 918 Spyder, McLaren’s P1, and Aston Martin’s Vulcan, another “numbers car” isn’t as interesting as something with style as well as substance. With a price more than double some of its competition, the Huayra BC will need both elements to stand out.

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