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Pictures: BAC Mono Formula Style-Street Racer

Let’s face it, what racing fan out there hasn’t dreamed of one day unleashing their inner Michael Schumacher down the streets of their local city? Racing fans have often dreamed of getting a chance to experience the feeling behind the wheel of a formula 1 racer, but the vast majority of us will never get a chance to, and, you know, there’s also that minor hiccup of these high-octane autos not being street legal and limited to designated tracks. All that’s about to change though thanks to the new BAC Mono Formula-Style Street Racer.

The BAC Mono formula 1 sports car is a light weight, single-seater with a curb weight of only 1,188 pounds. By eliminating an enclosed cabin, passenger seating, and the other accompaniments of normal cars, the Mono has been able to shed weight and maximize the performance of its small lightweight engine. Powering the Mono is a 2.3-liter Cosworth engine spitting out 280 horsepower. Impressively, the Mono is able to achieve 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds — rivaling even the most revered sports cars on the road today.

Weight isn’t the only thing the BAC Mono has been able to shed. Costing far less than any high-end Porsche or Ferrari, the BAC Mono can be had for around $108,000 — a fraction of the cost of the slightly faster Bugatti Veyron.  Of course as its name suggest the Mono is design for one thing — and that’s driving for the sake of driving. So even if you happen to roll up on a beautiful girl and impress her with your wheels, chances are she wont be hopping in, but walking home.

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