Motorcycles on ice? Finnish stuntmen prove we don’t need 4WD … or even 4 wheels for winter

Anyone who lives in a snow-prone part of the world has certainly reached their limit with this winter’s weather by now. Not having something equipped with all-wheel drive makes venturing out, in the very least, a huge hassle, making every commute miserable. Fortunately for us, The Finnish based team at StuntFreaks have put up a new video to remind us that, given enough room, a good time can still be had with whatever vehicle we may have at our disposal.

Stunt Freaks, Porsche 911 GT3

Fins know a thing or two about having to live with snow, so they have methods of coping with a little cabin fever. With a Polaris RMK snowmobile blazing a trail, the team follows it to a spot in Lapland in a Triumph Daytona and a Porsche GT3 rally car to stretch their legs a little. The snowmobile is built for this stuff, so as fun as it is to see it bowl over the powder, the really impressive part is watching the Triumph street bike carving through the white stuff. It even leaves the pack well behind when they line up for an impromptu drag race.

The Porsche 911 GT3, to us, looks like the most fun, mainly because we’d love to be holding it on controlled slides across the ice, but partially due to the fact that it’s the one vehicle here we wouldn’t go flying off of. This point is proven when the Triumph driver lays the bike down a little too much and it slips out from under him.

Still, if the weather’s getting you down and there’s an open spot where some safe hoonage can transpire, it might do you some good to be like the Finnish stunt team and venture out there in whatever’s on hand to play. For one, it’ll let you feel out where the limit is, making normal journeys in the snow less nerve-wracking, but it’ll also keep the weather from driving you crazy.