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Pending no shenanigans, you can score the patrol car by funding <em>Super Troopers 2</em>

Super Troopers 2 indiegogo
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Update: Looks like Super Troopers has a super fan! The patrol car perk was snatched up and campaign is almost at its goal.

The comedy crew at Broken Lizard are finally following up on the much beloved (and silly) 2001 film Super Troopers, and meow they need your help. To get a “bare-bones” version of the film into production, the crew need to raise 2 million dollars, which they’re looking to crowd-source on their Indiegogo page and one of the perks on offer is keeping an actual squad car from the movie.

Those unfamiliar with the movie…probably haven’t clicked on this, but if liberal use of our share buttons have led you here: Super Troopers is an independent comedy that follows the shenanigans of the Vermont State Trooper precinct stationed in the fictional town of Spurbury, surviving the drudgery of small town life with a series of jokes and pranks.

Super Troopers 2 indiegogo
Image used with permission by copyright holder

At the top of the contributions list is the promise of handing over one of the patrol cars used in the movie with for a modest donation of $35,000. Meow, It may be a little more than we’d normally pay for an out-of-production used Crown Victoria littered with mustache hairs and Dimpus burger liters of cola, but its for a good cause.

In addition to the cruiser, the lucky contributor will be invited to visit the set during filming, tickets to the VIP premiere and afterparty, a credit at the end of the movie, and trunkful of goodies (Farva not included).

Super Troopers 2 indiegogo
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are a couple stipulations, however. While nothing is finalized, anyone who puts down the cash will have to arrange their own travel and transport of the car. A road trip might be fun, but we wouldn’t be eager to drive cross country in a fake squad car for fear of pistol whipping.

Anyone interested can visit the Indiegogo page and prove their true fandom by putting their money down. Other ways contributors can include the troopers in their lives are to sign up to hang out with them at a baseball game, challenge them to a real Beerfest battle, or have all five members be the groomsmen at your wedding. The rest will find loads of other, more affordable ways to contribute with offers of movie swag, tickets to see the movie, and a DVD copy after its release.  Follow this link meow for more details.


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