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You can sit in a Porsche (gaming) chair every day for $2,500

Have you ever daydreamed of lounging in a Porsche seat, but don’t want to spend the money? Porsche has made that a little easier with its new gaming chair, created in collaboration with Recaro. It’s still not exactly cheap though: The limited edition chair retails for $2,500.

Porsche's gaming chair stands tall.

While Porsche is the big brand name here, Recaro is the brains behind the operation. The chair is a variant of the manufacturer’s Recaro Exo Platinum, adjusting some colors and adding a big, bold Porsche crest to the front headrest.

Standing at nearly 5 feet tall at max height and weighing in at nearly 59 pounds, the chair features an adjustable backrest that sits about 37 inches above its seat. Two shifting wheels on either side of the chair allow for further tweaking. It has a max load capacity of around 330 pounds.

The color scheme, created by Studio F.A. Porsche, is modeled after Porsche’s motorsport vehicles. It certainly looks the part of a gaming chair, featuring a familiar black and red design. The one color twist is that it features a gray headrest, making it look a bit more like a luxury car seat.

A close up of the Porsche crest on a gaming chair.

The fanciest feature here is its “5D armrests,” a common feature in Recaro’s top-of-the-line gaming chairs. According to Recaro’s website, each can be rotated 360 degrees from the front pivot point. In terms of comfort, the chair features an “ergonomically optimized seat shell made of high-quality upholstery foam and breathable fabrics” and an anti-submarining seat ramp.

Is all of that worth $2,500? That’s for you to decide (I won’t judge you), but if you want one, you’ll have to move fast. It’s a limited edition product only being sold through Porsche’s website. If nothing else, it seems like an optimal (and indulgent) chair for Forza Horizon 5 sessions, right?

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