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You can get a month of Xbox Game Pass for $1 right now

A tv shows the new Xbox Game Pass that comes to Samsung Gaming Hub soon.
Samsung / Microsoft

If you aren’t currently signed up for Xbox Game Pass, you can currently get your first month for $1. The deal only applies to Game Pass Ultimate and its PC version, though, as the console-only version is still at its full price.

Early in the Xbox Game Pass era, Microsoft would offer $1 onboarding deals for the service. The trick helped the company build a massive user base early on, but it has moved away from that cheap deal in recent years as the service has become a household name with gamers. It’s finally available again for anyone who’s been waiting for a reason to subscribe, though it’s not as eye-popping a deal as it once was.

If you’re a new user, you can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate (which includes PC and console access) for just $1. That deal lasts one month before switching over to $10 a month for PC and $17 a month for Ultimate. Both services grant users access to the Game Pass library, day one Xbox Game Studio releases, discounts, and a library of EA games. Ultimate subscribers also get access to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

For those just looking to get the console version of Game Pass, the deal unfortunately doesn’t apply. You’ll still have to pay $11 to get your first month.

If you don’t already have Game Pass, it’s a mixed time to hop in. The service has struggled to produce major hits, with first-party games like Redfall disappointing fans. However, Xbox has some major releases like Starfield and Forza Motorsport on the horizon. Both will be available on Game Pass day one, so you’ll get your money’s worth fast if you were planning on buying one or both of those later this year.

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