Tesla expands the Model X lineup with more affordable (and less capable) models

For many, the Tesla Model X Signature Edition‘s $132,000 sticker price is as astounding as its falcon doors. Buyers who don’t like the idea of spending Porsche 911 GT3 money on a crossover are in luck, because California-based Tesla has just announced plans to launch two more affordable versions of the Model X called 90D and 70D, respectively.

The 90D is powered by an all-electric drivetrain that consists of a 259-horsepower electric motor mounted over each axle and a 90kWh battery pack. It takes 4.8 seconds to reach 60 mph from a stop and it’s capable of driving for up to 257 miles on a single charge. To put those figures into perspective, the range-topping P90D completes the 0-to-60 sprint in 3.2 seconds with Ludicrous Mode turned on, and its maximum driving range checks in at 250 miles.

The entry-level model is the Model X 70D, which gets by with a smaller 70kWh battery pack. It looks nearly identical to its more expensive siblings and it uses the same falcon doors, but it takes six seconds to reach 60 mph from a stop and the smaller pack limits its range to 220 miles.

Industry trade journal Automotive News reports the Tesla Model X 70D carries a base price of $80,000 before a mandatory $1,200 delivery charge is factored in, a sum that represents a $5,000 premium over a comparably equipped Model S. Buyers who want six seats need to shell out $3,000, seven seats can be ordered in exchange for $4,000, and the new Autopilot feature is priced as $2,500. Pricing information for the 90D model hasn’t been made public yet, though Tesla is inviting interested parties to reserve the model of their choice by sending a $5,000 deposit.

It takes patience to own a Tesla. According to Automotive News, deliveries of the P90D flagship are scheduled to start in a couple of months, 90D deliveries will begin next summer, and the 70D isn’t scheduled to arrive until later next year.

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