The $2M 1,200hp Laraki Epitome looks like it was designed during a fever dream

the laraki epitome looks like it was designed during a fever dream

Lots of small fortunes were shelled out for big horsepower this weekend at Pebble Beach, including the sale of a $27.5-million Ferrari NART Spyder. Of all the brightly colored things to go on display, though, one stood out from the rest: the Laraki Epitome concept.

The Laraki Motors Epitome is the latest brainchild of yacht builder Abdesslam Laraki. Based upon the C6 Corvette, the Epitome features a full carbon fiber body, which brings the curb weight down to around 2,800 pounds.

Laraki Epitome

Under that lightweight skin is the 7.0-liter Corvette V8. But this one, however, has had twin turbochargers fitted to it. Now it produces 1,200 horsepower on premium 91 octane gasoline. Cleverly, Laraki fitted a secondary gas tank to the Epitome, allowing it to – at the flip of a switch – burn a mixture of 91 octane and 110 octane from the auxiliary tank. This allows the Epitome, along with a quick flip over to secondary ECU programming, to produce 1,750 horsepower. That is, if Autoblog is to be believed.

Laraki Epitome

Priced at $2 million, the Epitome is a downright steal at Pebble Beach. Laraki only plans a nine-unit run of the Epitome but just might have other products in the pipeline. Specific Epitome specs like top speed and 0-60mph have not been disclosed.

I love the brilliant mix of ultra-modern and classic design of the Epitome. With the bulbous, raked quarter panels, I think it looks like the creation of a wild 1920s concept car sketched during a fever dream.