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The Race of Gentlemen classes up the beach with vintage motorcycles and cars

Cars, bikes, racing, and the beach — what could be better than that? Whether you’re a lifelong racing fan or have never attended a race, you’ll want to at least know about The Race of Gentlemen. Organized and run by the Oiler’s Car Club, The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey, June 10 and 11, will be a crazy fun way to kick off the beach season before summer officially kicks in.

TROG is unlike any other race you’ve attended. During TROG’s two days, motorcycles and cars race on the water’s edge, two at a time, without the Christmas tree starting lights and digital timers of contemporary drag race parks.

If you don’t look around, but just at the cars, bikes, and the people involved in all aspects of the event, you might think you’ve slipped back at least 50 or 60 years. The bikes, cars, and in many cases the clothing of the people involved purposefully emulate beach racing from the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The only cars and bikes allowed to race at TROG have to meet strict entry rules. There’s no showing up on race day to enter. TROG bike and car entry applications must be submitted in advance and meet rigidly enforced requirements before preapproval. Submissions for TROG 2017 in New Jersey are closed.

All cars must have American-made bodies 1934 or older. Engines must be 1948 or older and running gear like transmissions, brakes, and so forth cannot be newer than 1953. The races include both competitive and just-for-fun classes, but TROG isn’t a classic car and bike parade. Only racers are approved. Just having an old car that runs isn’t enough, it has to be prepped for racing with vintage parts and it has to look the part.

Motorcycles accepted for TROG 2017 can’t be newer than 1947 and again must be American made. All parts of the motorcycle including the frame, fasteners, brakes, tires and wheels, forks, transmissions, and even the paint style must also be period correct.

TROG co-producers Mel Stultz and Bobby Green describe the event as “the greatest race on earth … an automotive carnival that celebrates American racing heritage.” TROG is a “carefully curated event that will give you a history lesson and an unforgettable weekend, all rolled into one.”

If The Race of Gentlemen sounds like a good time you can’t miss, tickets for the June 10 and 11, 2017 event are available here.

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