Goool! South American driver sends his VW flying flat out through a downhill bend

While they may not see eye-to-eye when it comes to border disputes, ownership of certain islands, or Top Gear, Chile and Argentina can at least set aside differences when it comes to motorsport. The most significant automotive bond the countries share is the Gran Premio de la Hermandad, a rally race held each year in Tierra del Fuego. Drivers from both countries participate in this annual event, and as the video above shows, can pack just as much action as the more well known events.

The video, posted recently on YouTube, shows how car control, luck, and a brass set of gentlemen equipment get a Volkswagen Gol through a tricky downhill bend. The driver takes the diminutive VW literally to the edge as we witness him take the turn flat out, descending rapidly towards the uneven ground along the boundary. The car then pitches wildly on both sides and even catches air at the end, but the driver takes it all in stride.

VW Gol

We don’t know what sort of time the driving team of Roberts and Soto set, (the official website seems to be down), nor can we scrounge up info on the specs these cars are running. We know that the Gol doesn’t pack anything larger than a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and can get around 150 horsepower out of it, if unaltered from the factory.

Either way, this video just goes to show that a fun vehicle doesn’t have to be a blazingly fast million dollar hypercar, but can simply be a volume economy vehicle, a stretch of road, and the guts to send it flying.