Top Gear’s Stig vs. Google Street View Car video is an experiment in tire smoke

top gears stig versus google street view car video experiment patience tire smoke around

Both Top Gear and Google have brought us something important things.

Top Gear has shown us how a Bugatti Veryon holds up against a jetfighter in a dragrace … and Google has shown us, well, the world.

Now the two have combined forces to show us not much more than how skilled the Stig is when he’s allowed to act a fool … in front of the Google Street View Car.

Sure, I could wax philosophic about the Google Street View and the anonymous Stig paring. But, I fear, I’d just waste both your and my time.

Instead, I’ll simply let the video speak for itself: a silly thing indeed.

It’s Friday, though, so if there’s any time for silliness, this is it.