Twin-turbo Ferrari M458-T coming next year with 670 horsepower

There are very few people in the world that would drive the 597-horsepower Ferrari 458 Speciale, and say, “It’s ok, but it needs more power.”

That’s not going to stop Ferrari from adding it, though, because why the hell not?

Car Magazine is reporting that, as part of the 458 Italia’s facelift in March 2015, the sports car will receive the boosted moniker ‘M458-T.’

It sounds like the classification of an air-to-ground missile, and for good reason: the next 458 will have an all-new, 670-hp twin-turbo V8 mounted over the rear wheels. That’s 83 more than the already hopped-up Speciale, so this car might actually earn its rocket-esque nameplate.

Known under the codename 142M until recently, the turbo 458 will easily be quicker than Ferrari’s other turbocharged mill, the California T. Like the M458-T, the Golden State-named grand tourer has a biturbo V8, but its output of 552 hp puts it at a considerable disadvantage in acceleration.

This information contrasts earlier reports that the next 458 Italia could use a turbo V6 instead of a V8, so with the M458-T, it looks like Ferrari is having its cake and eating it too.

Some of the California’s tech will carry over for the 458’s facelift, however, such as the Harman Kardon infotainment system.

What will the new engine mean for the car’s design? Well, some aerodynamics tweaks are a given, both as aids to funnel air to the engine’s intercoolers and as a general styling refresh. Expect larger air intakes, reshaped bumpers front and rear, and new LED headlights.

Other than that, the only significant changes to the M458-T are the infotainment (which includes Apple’s CarPlay), a rear-facing camera, and a noticeable increase in fuel economy with the addition of forced induction.

The Ferrari M458-T will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next march.