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Unplugged Performance, ‘the AMG of Tesla,’ transforms Model S into dynamic street tuner

The average Telsa Model S customer is affluent, educated, and progressive in some form of the word. The car itself projects an image of luxury, class, and distinction, but that’s only scratching the surface of the Tesla’s potential.

Enter Unplugged Performance, a Model S tuner that has transformed the luxurious liftback into a heavily stylized tuner car for the street. To do so, Unplugged sculpted a new front fascia for the car, fitted new 21-inch wheels, and modified the plush, high-tech interior for improved comfort and flair.

The differences to the front bumper are apparent right off the bat, as the modified stern is much more angular and aggressive than before. The familiar oval nosecone is significantly sharper and more diamond-like now, and the foglight surrounds wouldn’t look out of place on a Mercedes S63 AMG.

Unlike AMG, however, Unplugged Performance hasn’t added any significant performance enhancements to its donor car. In fairness, it’s not exactly as easy as bolting on a new exhaust with an electric, and worthwhile performance enhancements (additional motors, modified transmissions) are extremely costly and complicated.

The company claims the aerodynamics have been improved though, as a ram air ducting system has been integrated into the bumper for increased cooling.

According to the company, the interior was completely gutted and reimagined, however the steering wheel and dual monitor infotainment system look to be carryovers. Unplugged has added a slick carbon fiber finish to the wheel, and the Alcantara leather, suede dashboard, and prototype sports seats look top-notch.

There’s no cost information yet, but you can bet the Model S’ price tag won’t go anywhere but up underneath Unplugged Performance’s banner. The tweaked Tesla is currently being displayed at the 2014 SEMA Show.

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